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A Critical History of English Literature. Vols. 1-4 This syllabus was written for teachers of false beginners in a business English setting. The focus here is therefore mainly on the workplace. However, the basic structures that are introduced should be the same for any type of class.

English semester 1 syllabus

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CC2=6. AECC=2. GE1=6. Total=20. SEM. - II. Format of Question Paper for Mid Sem Examination of Subjects with ENGLISH HONS. CBCS CURRICULUM. RANCHI UNIVERSITY.

The Processor. Language Focus A: Contextual Reference . II. Portable Computers.

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1 Note: The concepts listed in the syllabus contents may be acquired from sources other. 1. Department of English and Modern European Languages. University of Lucknow.

English semester 1 syllabus

BA (Honours). Title of the Course. Course Number. Semester 1. Core Courses. 1. English Literature 1760-1830. Eng/UG/1.1.4. 2. English Literature 1830-1900.

In all, there shall be 16 courses of 5 credits each.

Saurashtra University. Faculty of Arts. English. Syllabus (Effective from June  End Semester: Group B. Two long questions with internal choice, from each of the two texts of 10 marks each. 1 short note  SYLLABUS FOR FOUNDATION COURSE IN ENGLISH FOR B.A/ B.COM./B.Sc. SEM 1.
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English semester 1 syllabus

II. Portable Computers. Operating Systems . Language Focus B: Word Formation, prefixes.

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1.1 Subject-I English Literature-1 Discipline Specific Core Chapters from Individual and Society and Selections in English Poetry DSC- 1A 1.2 Subject-II(Any Other) Discipline Specific Core DSC II A 1.3 ENGLISH CORE (COMPULSORY) CC 1.4 ENGLISH/MIL(Communication / ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Ability Enhancement(Compul sory) AEEC SEMESTER-II 2.1 Subject

Vols. 1-4 CC1 (SEMESTER 1, CODE –ENG-A-CC-1-1-TH/TU) HISTORY OF LITERATURE AND PHILOLOGY - 6 CREDITS (5 CREDITS THEORY AND 1 CREDIT TUTORIAL) Group A: History of Literature Section 1: Unit A –Old English Heroic Poetry, Old English Prose and Chaucer Unit B – Elizabethan Sonnets, University Wits and Ben Jonson Unit C –Restoration Comedy of Manners Year: First Year Semester: I Course: English Communication Skill (HSS) Course Code: 17YHS111 Teaching Scheme (Hrs/Week) Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) End Semester Examination Total L T P C CIA-1 CIA-2 CIA-3 CIA-4 Lab Orals Lab 2 -3 1020 50 100 Max. Time, End Semester Exam End Semester Orals –1 Hr. Prerequisite 1.

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This course syllabus is valid from spring 2020. Passed results of the first and second semester (30 credits and at least 15 credits, respectively) of the Study Programme in Psychology. Teaching in English may occur.

Instructor: Chelsea Kurtz. Location: Room 228 . Contact: 541-416-6900 Ext. 3140. chelsea.kurtz@crookcounty.k12.or.us i BBA Course Structure and Syllabus As per CBCS Guidelines with Effect from 2019 - 2020 1ST YEAR SEMESTER – I Course Code Course Title HPW Credits Exam Hrs. Marks ELS 1 English (First Language) - 1 4 4 MIL 1 MIL – 1 4 4 AECC 1 Environmental Science 2 2 DSC 101 Principles of Management 5 5 3 Hrs. 80 U + 20 I DSC 102 Basics of Marketing 5 5 3 Hrs. 80 U + 20 I DSC 103 Business Economics 5 5 3 SEMESTER I PAPER 1 The Social and Literary Context: Medieval and Renaissance PAPER 2 Medieval and Renaissance: Poetry and Plays SEMESTER II PAPER 3 The Social and Literary Context: Restoration to the Romantic Age PAPER 4 Restoration to Romanticism English Poetry, Drama and Fiction SEMESTER III Post Graduate Syllabus: LITERATURE IN ENGLISH SEMESTER 1 PAPER-I Middle English and Elizabethan Literature Group A: 1. Chaucer : The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales OR Cervantes : Don Quixote 2. Shakespeare: Sonnets 12, 19, 29, 30, 64, 106, 116, 129, 133, 140 3. Spenser : The Faerie Queen Book – 1 4.